This cosmopolitan island can become very interesting since it gives the opportunity to both island residents and tourists to experience unique activities that take place in this picturesque island. A description of some activities that will make your trip to Hydra truly unforgettable!

Sailing races

Every year in Hydra takes place two sailing races. The first is at the end of October, just before the anniversary of the heroic NO (October 28th) and the second place in late March, shortly after the anniversary of the glorious revolution of 1821 (March 25th). This second race bears the name "Greek Revolution hydro" because of the homonym revolution.
Heralds the start of the summer season on the island .The sea route is Faliro destined Hydra and vice versa. The distance of each route is about 36 miles. Crowds gathered on the island to enjoy this spectacle, or to take part in this event, boat multitude flooded the island. More information on the website of Hellenic Offshore Racing Club



Diving in the blue waters of Hydra is an absolute experience where the bottom is a mirror of magic and surprise. Meet an underwater world full of color and beauty in crystal clear waters. More information on Hydra Diving Centre and Ermioni's Diving Center Kallianos

Mountain running

Conducting trail running races in Hydra is one of the most beautiful events. As performed in a very beautiful natural environment offering direct contact with nature. It lasts two days and from the very first year that took place conquered fans of the sport. In the area of mountain running introduced the Hydra's TrailE. Event and made in April. 
A specific route is aimed at athletes, another aimed at the whole world participate and another scheduled especially for the little ones.One race named “Eros mountain trail” is a 25,6 Km route with a 1.100m increasing altitude. Is the only downhill race in Greece. The only descending race is Greece! The fastest route in mountain running! The start of the pine monastery of Prophet Elias to finish the port. It is the only downhill race in Greece. The city welcomes visitors and athletes in many events in which they and participate. More details in the official Hydra's Trail


The most ideal location for hiking in nature. Away from cars and city noise. A walk on the east side of the island to the lighthouse of Zourva offers the view of a landscape stone, while on the west side of Episkopi path is shrouded by pine trees. In the center of the island one finds the highest mountain of Hydra, the "part" from where he can see both the Saronic Gulf and the sea Myrtoo. Wooden signs along the way help towards the sights. The tweets of birds, the view of rare plants and the smell are a fusion of nature that activates and delights all the senses.
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Excursions nearby

The "round Hydra" is an all day trip with boat that you rent. You can visit the beaches for swimming in blue waters and have lunch on the beach.
One can also go by water taxi or the daily routes across the dependency from where can rent a car and visit the eastern Peloponnese archaeological sites such as the ancient theater of Epidaurus, the palace of King Agamemnon at Mycenae, beautiful Nafplion, two medieval castles or country of Theseus ancient Troezen, and the vaulted tombs of Magoula Galata. There is a small ferry boat which one can get from Galata to go to Poros and to visit the Temple of Poseidon.
Finally there is the opportunity for a day trip by flying dolphins, either in Poros, or Hermione, or even Spetses and Porto Heli. It is also worth mentioning that in July and August made trips by boat from Hydra for the Epidaurus festival.

Trekking with horses

Equally important and interesting activity is the exploration of the island on a horse ride. You can choose one of the routes proposed by the driver and owner of horses. You can visit monasteries, beaches and mountains. The routes are many and breathtaking landscapes. Safety equipment provided by your guide. You can find more information on the page of Harriet.