During the whole time in quaint and beautiful island of argosaronikos, Hydra, the historic place various festivals. Each one of them has both its own beauty and tradition. Give the opportunity to young people to learn (tradition and history through fun activities) and the largest not forget the culture of this glorious island. Below we mention some of them.


Christmas in Hydra

And while we combine Christmas trees, reindeer, sleighs and snow, Hydra has its own different side at Christmas. Special and magical, as there are ornaments, colored light bulbs (which are reflected in the beautiful waters of the Harbor) and trimmed boats forming Greek traditional custom. The municipality of the island every year organises various concerts, as well as cinematic and theatrical evenings. The solemn atmosphere early on Christmas morning for the faithful, when the bells are calling them, directed to the temple, through the narrow and picturesque streets of the island.

New years in Hydra

With the end of Christmas celebrations are not finished as in all parts of the Earth awaiting the entrance of the new year. New years in which everyone always hoping for something better. So in the small but beautiful Hydra, the residents adhere to the traditional customs of the place. Open doors, waiting for the first year and make the table to the first visitor of the year. Perform the traditional cutting of the cake as well as young children go door-to-door to sing carols. On the beach of the island they share gifts to young children. And of course we are missing concerts and cultural events.

Epiphany in Hydra

Another spectacular celebration on the island are the Epiphany. As everywhere is sung the cheery message of Epiphany. Baptism, namely of Christ in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. The priests on the eve of Epiphany "illuminate" the residents' homes, as well as their boats to have good harvests and good seas. On Epiphany day conducted great litany directed at port, through the old neighborhoods of Hydra-Kiafas-Gkoyrmadas to the Fine square Wells, where the priests are the benediction of the two wells. When the Sun hours the Procession reaches the Northern mole of the port via the road of Andreas Miaoulis, after an eventful devoutness litany, the priests throw the cross on which Christ was crucified into the sea and ydraioi dive into the icy waters to catch him, lifting him and to have his blessing. So this way and freeing three pigeons are blessed the water. It is noteworthy that apart from the benediction of the waters in the Harbour, from the 1963 blessing becomes and the port of Kamini area to have sailors health and travels well. The island is swarming with people with smiles, they exchange greetings. In recent years the metropolis Hydra bestows a gold cross on the one who catches the cross within the waters.

The celebration of the almond tree in Hydra

This is a celebration that takes place on the island in February. Presage the coming of spring, fruiting. The central theme of this dance tradition is the flowered almond. A man covers itself using bride and a groom dressed woman. The accompanying crowds on the streets, as well as a variety of musicians who play Kompania songs with musical instruments. Basic Orchestra song is the song "blooming almond tree". The joyous procession starts from the port and ends at the village beneath a blooming almond tree. They visit a big restaurant after all to celebrate.

The 25th March in glorious Hydra

The 25 the March is a national holiday and all students marching in raising the Greek flag honoring the heroes of 1821, of course some of those heroes came from the glorious island, and played their own important role in Greece's independence. Students of all classes dressed in the national colors (white-blue) make parades along the paved area. As well as some of the students decorate music (playing drums) the atmosphere of national marches.

Halloween in Hydra

And of course don't miss from Hydra Halloween fun!! It's the last Sunday before the start of lent. Dressed masqueraders ydraioi of all ages walking around in a noisy procession on the streets of the city, following the King Carnival. Crowds of people from the square Votsi Kaminia, kaminia, Beach Road – Hydra, then pass through the harbor where we partied with the final outcome "xeri elia". ' Fiesta with music concert, plenty of wine and traditional snacks. At the end they hang the King Carnival, although other regions accustomed to the burn. And the fun lasts until the morning.

Shrove Tuesday in Hydra

Lent clean Monday the dishes have a field day. Hydra Cook the freshest seafood and lent the table off!!! Of course we are missing the evening concerts and flying the kite on the day from the highest points of the island, as well as at any point blowing this unique hydriot breeze.

Unique experience Easter in Hydra

A memorable Easter can guarantee this cosmopolitan island which is only half an hour from the port of Piraeus. Wearing white, festive in stone imposing mansions, the Hydra is the perfect destination for the holy days of Passover.

Throughout the week a solemn atmosphere envelops the island reviving old customs that are inextricably linked with the sea.
On Friday, the procession of the epitaph takes place in the quaint, cobblestone streets of the island. Crowds followed, with candlelight to shine and end up in the Kamini area , where four young children waving their shoulders the epitaph placed in the sea. As you read the sequence, the devoutly great and unique experience. As the epitaph is located inside the water becomes prayer both for sailors to have good trips and sponge divers to have luck, as the waters they are sanctified.

On the evening of Holy Saturday resurrection mode takes place in the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos in port. When the priests chant Christos Anesti follows a variety of pyrotechnics and Fireworks, while the ships lay ahead illuminated the sirens and fly red flares into the sky. This is a magnificent spectacle!

On Easter Sunday the residents bake a traditional spit, tsoyggrizoyn red eggs, exchange greetings. Sunday afternoon, the effigy of Judas takes place in a courtroom on the quay of the port filled with flammable materials and delivered in flames after being punished by the guns of the locals.

Mayday in Hydra

1st the may day holiday and the spring reception. All the inhabitants of the island knit traditional wreath with colorful flowers of the island and hang them outside the traditional doors of their houses. We all spend this day with friends and relatives. Concerts are held on the island and the taverns full of people who enjoy eating (fresh appetizers) and ouzo. The tranquility and relaxation offered by this island is unique because there are no cars and engines only donkeys that make even more graphic!!

Hydra Miaoylia (for the glorious Admiral Andreas Miaoulis)

A great celebration of Hydra's celebrated in the last week of June, which is closer tothe June 21. The festivities last for a week to honor the great Admiral who offered so much in the fight for the liberation of the nation. In Miaouleia included various musical events, theatrical performances, lectures, games, lampadidodromies, regattas and various dance folk bands and of course we are missing reports, and sporting events. The penultimate day of the Mayor and the City Council receives representative of the Navy. The last day celebrated the Divine Liturgy and Thanksgiving to the Holy Cathedral where has moved the heart of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis from the historic archive – Museum. Follows a memorial service and wreaths in the full-length statue of this eminent person (a. Miaoulis) at the Castle and then we have the return of the pycnometer with the heart of Admiral at the Museum. It is noteworthy to mention, the official transition to the Merchant Marine Academy Pier Hydra for dropping Stephen overboard in honor of all naymachwn 1821. The third and last day of the events honorary this celebration culminates with the reenactment of the elder and the burning of the Turkish armada. Multitude of fireworks shine on the hydriot sky.

Koyntoyrioteia (August festival in Hydra)

The August sunset in Hydra can be combined with a festival that takes place on the island, this month. The Koyntoyriwteia is a six-day event that celebrates the first President of the Hellenic Republic, the Ydraian Admiral Pavlos kountouriotis. Their presence there, apart from crowds, make and representatives of political and military authorities, literature and art. In this six-day event are held various cultural events such as guided tours to museums, sporting events, exhibitions, book presentations and so informative and christening thank you speeches. And of course the last day in the doxology Holy Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos. At the close of this event takes place wreaths at sculpture full-length effigy and Tomb of the first President of the

Hellenic Republic
28 the October day of glorious history and NO

Everybody deserves to visit the Hydra during this autumn's event. With every pomp and solemn Hydra celebrates the Agia Skepi (Virgin Mary) and the national anniversary of 28th October, paying the appropriate values to the heroes of the epic of the NO. At the start of the day we have the bells, the mass of the Cathedral Church of the assumption and the raising of the flag at the castle of Kavos. At festivities every year attend official invited both the political and the religious site. Sound national poems and made wreaths at the war memorial to the fallen of the Mayor of the island. Schools and students of AEN parading with fervor and patriotism at the port before the authorities of the place. In the Hall of the Municipal Council banquet takes place where the awarding of honorary boards to students who distinguish themselves in any sport or introduced into some higher University School.