Beaches Hydra

Beaches Hydra

The Hydra has beautiful spots to enjoy the sea, sun and charm of the island. The beaches have pebbles and there are really beautiful. As for the water is crystal clear and with very nice colors.

The beaches on Hydra are enough, but accessible for most visitors, however few. And this because of the specificity of the island and the lack of cars.

Travel To hydra

Get to Hydra by hydrofoil or by car

Information about travelling from airport to the port of piraeus 


During the whole time in quaint and beautiful island of argosaronikos, Hydra, the historic place various festivals. Each one of them has both its own beauty and tradition. Give the opportunity to young people to learn (tradition and history through fun activities) and the largest not forget the culture of this glorious island. Below we mention some of them.

This cosmopolitan island can become very interesting since it gives the opportunity to both island residents and tourists to experience unique activities that take place in this picturesque island. A description of some activities that will make your trip to Hydra truly unforgettable!